Thermographic Surveys

The Leeton Group can provide thermographic imaging surveys of your electrical systems

The objective of a thermographic survey is to identify abnormally high temperatures within electrical distribution systems. Any high temperatures within electrical components are often a sign of imminent or possible problems. Early identification of these faults is essential in order that corrective action can be undertaken before the problem escalates. Electrical circuits and components often fail because of fatigue, defective components, contamination, or just loose connections, but all failing components have one thing in common, they will always have a rise in temperature or ‘hot spot’ prior to failure.

Thermographic surveys are particularly valuable on large, complex 24/7 operations, where equipment cannot be switched off.

We would undertake the survey systematically, looking at your distribution equipment, as well as switchgear, and where applicable infrastructure.
What can we do?
Here is a list of our key areas within Thermographic Surveys:
  • Thermographic imaging surveys of electrical systems
  • Distribution equipment
  • Switchgear
  • Applicable infrastructure

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